Candles are atmospheric lighting tools that offer a wide range of uses, from home decoration to special day celebrations, from romantic dinners to yoga and meditation moments. Scented candle types add a unique atmosphere to your living space by not only illuminating but also emitting a pleasant scent. In this article, we will discuss decorative and scented candles that provide long-term use and come in various models.

**one. The Role of Candles in Home Decoration:**
Candles are an indispensable part of home decoration. These lighting elements, which add an aesthetic touch to living spaces, have not only functional but also decorative features. Candles personalize your home by adding warmth and romance to their environment.

**2. Various Models and Designs:**
Candle types offer a rich choice of different models and designs. Floating candles, large candles, decorative candles and many other alternatives adapt to all kinds of decoration styles. Candles offer an easy way to set your home up for the atmosphere you want.

**3. Scented Candle Types:**
Scented candles not only give light, but also add freshness to the environment by emitting a pleasant scent thanks to carefully selected essences. There are different scent options such as lavender, vanilla and citrus to accompany the romantic atmosphere of dinner or a relaxing bath moment.

**4. Floating Candles:**
Floating candles create an impressive atmosphere by gliding gracefully on the water. These candles are usually found in transparent containers and move gently on the water, offering a magnificent visual feast. Floating candles are preferred especially on special occasions or romantic moments.

**5. Large Candles:**
Large candles can be used as the main lighting source of the room or used for decorative purposes to create a focal point. Large candles available in different sizes add a fascinating atmosphere to your living space and provide an impressive appearance, especially in large spaces.

**6. Different Color Options:**
Candles offer users a variety of options with their wide range of colors. Candles in different colors that you can choose in accordance with the color scheme of your decor will help you give the desired atmosphere to the place.

**7. Long Term Use and Candle Prices:**
Scented candles offer long-term use. Candles produced with quality materials and carefully designed can be offered at economical prices. Candles come in different sizes and models and offer options to suit your budget.

**8. Decorative Candle Types:**
Decorative candles are more than an ordinary lighting tool, they also aim to add aesthetic value. Candlestick-shaped candles, those with geometric patterns or specially designed candles

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