Diatom Bathroom and Kitchen Mats

  • 2 Different Sizes (60 x 40 cm, 70 x 50 cm)
  • Soft, natural-feeling leather surface on the upper
  • Diatomite material containing rubber (rubber) foam that absorbs water
  • High quality non-slip rubber sole on the bottom

Thanks to its diatomite structure, it quickly absorbs and evaporates water. You can easily store it in cupboards and similar places by rolling it up.

You can wash it in the washing machine.

The water absorption rate and capacity of the product is proportional to the amount of water falling on it. Leaving the product wet for a shorter period of time will cause it to dry faster, while keeping it too wet will allow it to dry longer.
The product has a certain water retention capacity and speed. Therefore, drying time varies.

Water absorbent diatom mats are mats made of natural diatomite minerals. The features of these mats are:

Super Absorbent: Diatomite minerals have high absorbent properties. Water absorbent diatomite mats absorb water quickly and dry quickly.
Antibacterial: Diatomite minerals have natural antibacterial properties. Water absorbent diatomite mats can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi and provide a hygienic surface.
Eco-Friendly: Water absorbent diatomite mats are made from natural diatomite minerals and are environmentally friendly. The natural structure of rust allows it to be used throughout its life without harming the environment.
Non-Slip Surface: Water absorbent diatomite mats have a non-slip surface. This prevents the mop from slipping, providing a safe surface.
Easy to Clean: Water absorbent diatomite mats are easy to clean. Just rinsing with water is sufficient.
Stylish Design: Water absorbent diatomite mats have a modern and stylish design. It's available in many different colors and sizes, and it's easy to find a design that suits your home or office.

Water absorbent diatomite mats have many advantages with their water absorbency, antibacterial properties, environmentally friendly structure and stylish designs. These mats are the ideal accessory to use in your home or office.

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